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This is a severe condition in which the infected is incapable of spitting "game" at the opposite sex. Symptoms include loss of speech when attractive female approaches, temporary weakening of one's spine and loss of backbone (i.e. courage), loss of all communication skills when around the opposite sex, hyperventilating, excessive sweating, jitters, stuttering, and outbursts of loud inaudible speech. In the most severe of cases the infected is prone to getting game "spat" at him. This disease only affects males.
Yo, son I heard Gunlee got that FBS Syndrome.

Ya, he does man last week some girl asked HIM to prom, got HIS digits, bought HIS dinner, and walked HIM home.

Wait doesn't that girl have a boyfriend, oh Gunlee just got played....that darn FBS Syndrome (Female Bagged Syndrome).
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