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fax machine baby! (shouted in a Cole Train type voice)words for a method of delivering a message in a slow or humiliating manner to an enemy team. originating in GEARS OF WAR. a term used to describe a total comeback from a near shutout, FTW! before the winning teams supposed victory round begins its said by the losing team "didn't you get the memo?" and the round starts. the losing team comes back and wins the match and shouts "FAX MACHINE BABY!" to humiliate the near victors for letting the losing team stomp them back into their lag infested coffins. also used intentionally to make noobs continue playing for more points.
losing team: "it ain't over yet suxors"
winning team: "OMG shut up it's first to 7, we have 6 (6-0)it's over!"
losing team: "didn't you get the memo?"
winning team: "your idiots!"
(round begins) 7 more times to be exact, and losing team comes back 6-7 FTW
former losing team: "FAX MACHINE BABY!"
new losers: "OMG, F'ING LAG!"
winners: "you just got faxed. Shwow Shwow Shwow!"
losing team cries about everything (mostly lag) then quits and leaves bad feedback.
by MATCHES007 September 17, 2007

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