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Acronym for Fat Ass Walking Club. This is the group of over-weight people that walk up and down the neighborhood in the evening.
She's a member of the FAWC. Here comes the FAWC.
by Wirewise June 29, 2006
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Faceless Anonymous Wanking Cybernaut: guys who register on dating sites to view women's profiles, but who never put any information in their own profiles, or any photos of themselves.
"Has anyone interesting contacted you on that dating site?"

"Nah - just a lot of FAWCs trolling my profile."
by lunamor September 17, 2009
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Homslizzle: "Man, That chick is straight butterface'd."
Homeslice: "Yeah, but I'd F.A.W.C. her."
by Worldwide August 04, 2006
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