The Face, Ass, Tits scale you need to check to see if a girl if hot or not.
Friend 1: Damn look at that girl!!
Friend 2: Damn let me check my F.A.T. Scale to see how hot see really is.
Example 2:
Dude she's hot but lets see where she fits in my F.A.T. Scale.
by ThecreatorLol August 11, 2011
Top Definition
The FAT scale is the single most important measure when judging women. Each letter represents an element of a girls features F for Face, A for ass, and T for Tits. Each letter is then assigned a number from 1-10, depending on how hot she is. 1 is disgusting, 5 is average, 10 is unreal. State their score in respective order. For example, a pretty girl with an average ass and big tits might yield the score 7, 5, 8.
Guy 1: I got laid by a sexy bitch last night!
Guy 2 FAT scale her!
Guy 1: 8, 10, 9!
Guy 2: I hope you rode that ass like a Mexican!
by Huculak October 27, 2011
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