abbreviation for face rape protocol
just installed FRP on my test server, it's as fun as a bucket of dicks!
by Nick Dog March 18, 2011
Top Definition
Fantasy Role Playing. An FRP is a game set in a fantasy setting. It can be a tabletop game played with dice, or a computer game.

Synonyms: RPG: Role Playing Game
Dungeons & Dragons is an FRP game.
by gromul July 10, 2010
Its a Freeway Reconnaissance Person. This is the person that flies by you when you are already doing 80 on the freeway, thus going ahead of you searching out would be speedtraps and taking one for the team and getting a ticket so that you can push past still doing your 80 MPH..
During my morning drive on the 405 freeway, my normal F.R.P. flew by me doing at least 100.. I saluted him and knew my morning would be ticket free..
by DBs2funny April 14, 2010
Full-on Righteous Punch-up
Man, that incessant idiot Ethan sure did deserve an FRP.
by Stephe Watson August 07, 2003
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