personal information
i need to get some "Fo" so that I can make some money
by sdkjvaskdvjbaslicbsudb August 07, 2008
Short for a fourty Oz. bottle of Malt Liquor, preferably in OE or Big Bear.
"Yo, man, we're gonna need about 6 Fos tonight!"
F.O. is an exsteem odor produced by the female.

A pungent odor emitted by a female receving a vist from T.O.M.
Yo, that nigga has got some rank ass F.O.
by Meg M February 23, 2005
TWO definitions:

1) Da numba '4'.

2) Used ta indicate da object, aim, or purpose of an action or activity:
1) "I tapped FO bitches laz night"

2) "Are you FO real?"
by D Dizzle My Nizzle December 23, 2003
FO means fanny odor

F anny

O dor

. ew that girls got some bad BO
. no dude she has FO (fanny odor)

Peace :)
by! November 23, 2009
knitting term, stand for Finished Object. Often used on Knitting Blogs.
"lets go to SnB to show off our FOs!"
by Othlon December 17, 2006
Expression of disgust often heard in Yucatan, Mexico.

Also spelled: Fó
Guy: Look at Pedro, he barfed all his cerveza.
Chick: Fo!
by MousePad October 28, 2005

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