Expression of disgust often heard in Yucatan, Mexico.

Also spelled: Fó
Guy: Look at Pedro, he barfed all his cerveza.
Chick: Fo!
by MousePad October 28, 2005
Photo Time.
For when my-space posers meet up, cover their faces in make up, and take 'arty' photos. preferably in black or white.
c: omgzzzaa! i totally feel like FO today!
m: yeh, i'm feeling nostalgic today. bring some teddy bears to cuddle in the shots.
c: great! i love FOing with you, i'll bring my makeup!
m: we're gonna look so hot!
by mcmcmc August 14, 2006
Intentional misspelling of "of" for ironic effect.
Might that we could have to leave this general vicinity and retreat southward till the coming fo dawn.
by Troy February 05, 2003
to go take naked pics of urself and send it to the person who said it to u
Person B: OK
5 mins later

Person B: here look
Person A: ewwwwwwwww
by anedoki July 09, 2009
A distinctive characteristic found in few people which gives them this sense of friendlyness an ability 2 do things that others would apear stupid in doing, in a cool way...
1st person:Nigga i cant wear dat..but u can can...
2nd peson: Why??
1st person: Cuz ur Fo
2nd person: Oh ye..
by Ur nigga August 14, 2005
An acronym, most likely stands for "Fuck Off." This comes from the movie "Smokey and the Bandit." A 1977 film that's popularity was surpassed only by "Star Wars" that year.

A way of pronouncing the number "four" or the word "for" in ebonics.
Bandit: Do the letters FO mean anything to you?

Porch Monkey1: I just threw some twenty fos on my candy painted lo.
Porch Monkey2: What kinda whip yall ass be ridin' dirty in?
Porch Monkey1: You know it gotta be a six fo!
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