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Term of endearment for "Fuckville," a fictional land (or a mental state of being, some say) one finds himself in when life abruptly turns to shit. The opposite of "Margaritaville." Much like Atlantis, it cannot be located on a map, but is a pervasive fixture in culture. Especially in the culture of a college student. Although the name can be deceiving, it does not allude to sexual relations. Unless those relations result in unwanted pregnancies.
B: I haven't studied for my exam that's worth 30% of my final grade. Wasted away again in F-ville.

A: Last week I bought property in F-ville. Today I became the mayor of H-ville.

M: My life sucks.
B: So you're in F-ville?
M: No, I'm in the next town over.
B: G-town? That's my favorite town ever!
by F-ville's person of the year October 06, 2010
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