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the most popular game in the world. the goal is to kick a ball into a goal and beat the opponet. (this game is known as soccer in the US)(and that is really how to spell it)
Did you see the fùtbol game? it was a good match.
by Akoma August 10, 2005
called futbol in any and all countries using the metric system.
hey let's go play some futbol mates.
by author the rabbit September 15, 2007
Soccer in the US
A highly respected sport in all countrys except for the US and Canada
For all you haters its harder then i looks
Go get in the goal and try to stop a ball goin 80mph that is kicked from 12yds away from you and try to block it or try to juke out eleven peolpe so that you can score. I bet that none of you football players can do it. Football should be called pussy ball
Football Player: Lets go play football
Futbol Player: That pussy sport? Lets play futbol
Football Player: That sport is gay
Futbol Player: Well i want to see you score points without being covered from head to toe with pads
by Futbol4Life July 10, 2008
1. Called soccer in the US.
2. Commonly referred to as fag-ball.
3. Hockey for retards.
Bill: Hey, the futbol championship is on tv.
Ted: What? this isn't football season.
Bill: No, not football, futbol.... soccer.
Ted: Oh, you mean fag-ball. Let's not watch and say we didn't.
Bill: What? How can you say that? Soccer is the number one game in the world.
Ted: It's like hockey for retards though; hockey players wear skates on slippery ice, can check each other, shoot at a goal three feet wide, and the goalie wears tons of pads so he blocks most of the goal; soccer on the other hand play on grass, can't check, have a goal 17 feet wide, with a little guy in front of it; and both games score the same amount of points.
Bill: I never thought about it rationally before... You are so right.
by Dano Magnum June 07, 2007
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