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Similar to an earmuff, but covering the eyes. Used to protect young children from viewing unsuitable material.
Person 1: Check out this pic of boobies.
Person 2: Eyemuff your five year-old son first.
by Aleidatron May 26, 2009
The act a young child or sensitive person does when something potentially crude or inappropriate is about to be shown. The specific action is simply covering the eyes to shield the lewdness.
Dude: Yo, check out these monkey brains between my legs?

Dude's unsuspecting girlfriend: What?

Dude's Friend: You might want to Eyemuff it.

Dude's Unsuspecting GF: Eyemuffs?

Ewww gross... Though they do really look like a monkey's brain.
by Enlicensed One May 07, 2009
To cover one's eyes, usually to prevent from seeing graphic material
Cenk: We have pics of Rihanna after her beating. Eye muff the kids.
by Dd_NY November 21, 2009