shane daye shaved his own off, cuz he is a f*cking loser... yep thats right.. its something thats supposed to stay ON your head, not get shaved off by YOURSELF
Shane Daye
by nonya November 09, 2003
a white cracker with non-existant eyebrows. she has a lot of junk in the trunk, so lots of black guys want to bounce up on it.
wow, did you see that eyebrows that just went by?

damn skippy, i'd hit that.
by paramormon May 28, 2009
Orgasm-inducing character from The Getaway. Also reffered to as 'The Brow'.
"Eyebrows! You look like yer 'aving a laugh 'ere, mate!"
by Miss Natla March 10, 2004
meaning thats sick, awesome, totally cool
Those shoes are not eyebrow, but that Chanel purse sure is eyebrow!
by Liv B September 02, 2008
A line of hair a little above the eyes
Colton:"Brett has no eyebrows😂😂"
Ms B:"Colton stay after class so we can talk about his eyebrows then"
by no eyebrows April 16, 2016

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