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You need a groupe of people (3 or more) who put money in (e.g a tenner).
Each team mate then gets given extreme dares.
They have 3 life lines (can rufuse 3 extreme dares) but once they are gone they are out of the game.
The winner is the one with most lives left at the end- they win all the money.
You are not aloud to tell any one you are playing extreme dares until the whole game is finished, if you do a life is lost.
Evidence is needed of the dares- e.g video, picture, recording.
(A lot more fun when participants are drunk).

-walking into a super market and shouting on the phone ''omg for the last time i will not have anal sex with you'': extreme dares

-in a nightclub- grinding on someone ugly and taking there waistcoat off and waving it around doing a sexy dance with it: extreme dares

- pretending you are in an invisible wheelchair:extreme dares
by Raaz Taaz January 29, 2009
has to do with the game Truth or Dare. A lot of kids think truth is gay so they just do dare. Now there's Dare or EXTREME DARE!
Extreme dare is just a dare, gone extreme. (Hence the name)
If kissing would be the dare, then making out would be the extreme dare.
by xkrissti February 10, 2009