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Anyone who no matter how stylish, nice, and/or smart, is super pathetic on the inside. Someone who's differently akward and weird personality is so pathetic that it outshines the awsomeness and good looks. It only takes one second to know that the person is pathetic. It doesn't help if they're cool about being thmselves because they aren't so cool. They're lame. They can't get a girl/boy-friend no matter how hard they try. People who are extrapatheticore are like the moist tissues of the universe. They make everyone else feel better about themselves. They try to fit in, but they can't. They are not bad boys. They are not fighters. But they might try so badly to fit in that they either fail miserably or become something they're not. If hell didn't exist, they would have killed themselves. All they want is to be accepted. That is all anyone wants. Sadly they get treated worse than crap
I'm the example. I get made fun of and even people who I can't avoid hates me. Almost everyone hates me. I'm an embarrassment to most. I have no life. I'm extrapatheticore. Individuality sucks if no one accepts you for it. At least I'm better than someone and am only the second worst. At least I have some friends.
by Loner-I don't have a choice August 10, 2010
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