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To speak in a very slow manner so those with limited understanding of English can understand you better. Used extensively in conversations with foreigners whilst working abroad or in discussions with those new to the United Kingdom from say India. Also involves the use of simple words in simply constructed sentences. First expressed by Sir Alan Sugar on The Apprentice.
'W H A T, D O, Y O U, T H I N K, A B O U T, T H A T, I D E A, ?' followed by a nod (or waggle) of the head from the other party and my immediate response ' N O, T H A T, W A S, A, Q U E S T I O N, I, A M, S P E A K I N G, I N, EXPORT ENGLISH, S O, Y O U, C A N, U N D E R S T A N D, M E.
by TwoBlonds September 06, 2012