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this is the name of the first Gundam seen( non-SD universe) with a physical sword, arguably one of the most badass mobile suits ever created, it carried 7 swords 4 of which were geam sabers and 3 of which were physical, the arm mounted GN sword-rifle, like the name suggests could alternate between being a sword and a rifle, it was specifically designed to combat other Gundam type mobile suits that were capabe of creating a GN field, or energy shield using the GN solar furnaces
"Gundam Exia, exterminating the targets" Setsuna F. Seiei, pilot of the Gundam Exia
by NZG-BLADE-069 June 15, 2011
A creature of darkness; this person has a past filled with regret and sadness.
Exia is someone who has lost everything that was important to that person and is now completely emotionless.
by Neo Organization November 12, 2010
A lying hacking cheat who has been proven to have hacked and stolen currency from a website. Best known as a fat kid who sits around trying to harass many people via the internet and IMVU.com
Also known as a 3D developer wanabee.
Exium is a dirty little hacking son of a bitch who sucks at 3D development.
by Mr. Skittles June 13, 2006