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awesome prep school
only smart ppl go there
I wish I made it to exeter...
by anonymous April 08, 2005
229 235
best High School Ever. We kick ass...unlike andover...which sucks ass...unlike Exeter.
Yo, beotch, D-hall be off the hook after wrestling practice!
by chickenshack January 26, 2005
147 176
red neck town
hick-vill, 'ima gonna ride my tracta down the Exeter Highway'
by that is freakin sweet July 10, 2008
35 65
the best prep school in the world!! andover sucks! we're the MOST good!! holla!
Get c's at Exeter, go to Harvard

Exeter... it's what's for dinner

Exeter - the other white meat.
by Meredithhh November 27, 2004
198 228
A town which has the Phillips Exeter Academy, which is filled with snobby foreign rich kids. The actual town consists of a few rapists and about 10,000 people. Most of the teenagers there smoke weed or do some other drug. Often nicknamed Sexeter for everything that goes on there.
Dude maddie just made pot brownies again and stacey got some acid. LETS GO PARTY IN THE EXETER BANDSTAND!!!!!
by imma dino-duck January 01, 2011
20 57
Where lots of people go to commit suicide
AH! i can't do this ne more!
by really cool girl April 13, 2005
159 209
pretty cool prep school. wicked nice campus. way to many asians who hit on everybody and more drugs that are accessible to the general public. however, Exeter High School is 10x better!
Exeter High at least lives here...
by Something Corporate August 18, 2006
57 132