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Can be used as either a very descriptive and extravagant act of mankind (IF YOU SEE SOMEONE PULL A SWEET SKATE TRICK OR A NICE GUITAR RIFF, REPLY TO THEM WITH A "EWW THATS SO TRASH") DONT DESGRACE THE PHRASE.. Also can used if someone had pulled the worst thing ever seen EVER ! then u can reply with the simple statement.. TRASH, NEVER AGAIN! CAN BE USED IN BOTH MANNERS.

If you have ever seen someone pull off one of the most spectacular, eye catching existence known to man.. You suddenly have to reply EWW THAT WAS SO TRASH!!
Did u just witness that hardflip of the 9, EWW THATS TRASH BRO! (GOOD WAY)

EWW, did u just see andrew try to pull his varial flip.. NEVER AGAIN BUDDY, IT WAS TOO TRASH! (BAD WAY)
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