A corruption of the word evolution primarily used online by creationist theists who are ignorant of what evolution actually is. Evilution is most often used in an attempt to portray evolution as negative and anti-religion and can generally be considered a sign that the person using it wouldn't know the difference between a genome and a g-spot.
Creationist: "Evilution has never been proved, it's all a secular lie invented by Darwin to avoid God! You'll burn in Hell for believing in evilution LOLZ!"
by DawkinsDog November 19, 2011
Top Definition

A gradual process in which the nature of an organism is altered to attain a state of "evil"
Recent rise of unethical behaviour can be accredited to the inevitability of human evilution.
by n1ro February 01, 2011
Cliche used in various forms of fiction (usually of the science fiction genre) where a mad scientist type character is trying to force humanity to evolve through unethical means, or into some kind of posthuman monster race.
Doctor Mercer trying to help propagate the Necromorphs was part of the evilution cliche in Dead Space.
by Zed1331 March 23, 2009
the birth of evil, scattered all over the world, or concentrated in one person.
"there was a great unbalance in the good willing, and in the wrong. It was the beginning of the evilution."
by cody james williams February 16, 2008
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