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More and more often referring to the upper chain of command inside big, powerful corporations and within relationship to how lower ranking employees might be treated like peons especially since the recession has made jobs more scarce or valuable. Also dually referring to corporations exercising authoritarian or command-control policies acting more paramilitary in nature. Evil corporations might send out the 'hounds of hell' to go do job interviews and their evil bidding to find submissive slaves. When employees question their ethics they will often compare their corporation as being favorable within relationship to how employees in China are treated with whips and chains.
A woman who worked at a car renting dealership as an accountant began to take on more work load since the recession hit and was treated with much less respect even having management tell her to shut up. Meanwhile, the upper management appeared to do little as possible why maximizing the amount of work the lower peons had to be doing. People in her company began to refer to them as evil overlords.
by honestguy87110 August 07, 2009
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