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a man somewhere in the 70s that could death difying stunts that could pratically kill anybody that did it except him.....he was on tv a lot in the 70s
he has his own action figures....and 2 movie that came out around the 70s and the 80s and he will be having another movie about him very soon maybe 2007 with Matthew McConaughey i believe
by Dareblade21 February 27, 2004
A stunt for the bedroom. Your woman lays face down or face up on the bed. You have a chubby, getting a running start, dive over the dresser (arms and legs fully outstretched) and land perfectly on your chick and simultaneously insert your jimmy.
I broke my cock in two when I tried to Evil Knievel my wife, Kim.
by J. Edwards April 24, 2003
When the driver of the vehicle is the one performing oral sex.
Bianca pulled an Evil Knievel last night on the way home from the movie. We almost got in several accidents.
by Elpayasomalo March 08, 2015
Police on a motorbike.
you hear that? *holds CB out window to pick up siren* That theres the Evil Knievel, i got me some big trouble!
by Tommy toe poker July 16, 2005
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