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Evan is a nice type of person. He is blonde and has the prettiest baby blue eyes. Evans are shy sometimes but other times not. Evans have a lot of friends (majority girls) but have a lot of guy friends too. Every girl he's friends with falls in love with him..and if he gets a girlfriend the jealousy will be ginormous.. In a relationship with him he may not express how special you are too him, he's not that kind of person. Evans are very attractive and kind-hearted.
"I'm in love with him, he's my best friend though...he must be an Evan Amick"
by Pork chop chicken wiener September 10, 2013
Well known for his rather large shaft and very smooth scrotum and grundel, this awesome beast has fucked excess of 14 thousand bitches, all of whom begged for mercy during intercourse. He has also been known for being a cold blooded killer, slaughtering more than 50 people during his lifetime, usually a slow and painful death or shotgun to the face.
Evan Amick is so great. I wish i could murder and rape as well as he can. Also his penis is fucking sweet.
by evanamick July 05, 2009

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