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Synonym for anal intercourse.
Claudette wasn't into taking the pill or using condoms, so she opted for European Birth Control... w00t!
by Dentura Hogfloss June 24, 2008
When one finds himself without a condom or has run out, it is the act of anal sex. As anyone who has watched a lot of Euro porn can tell you, anal is as common in Europe as the high-five. And, we do thank-you for that.
"Look at the ass on that babe; I'm hoping for a little European birth control tonight."
by EuroBC November 06, 2013
To have sex with a woman, raw dog, with them under the presumption that your name is real...when in reality it is a false name. This is used in case the woman becomes pregnant...hence the baby wouldn't be yours.
"Dude you had sex with that slut...and she got pregnant! What are you going to do!!!!"

"No sweat, I used European Birth Control."
by long hand luke April 30, 2010
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