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A Eugene Levy can be performed after one has anal sex. Take your penis after insertion (with poop on the end of it) and rub said waste onto your partner's eyebrows. This will cause the brows to look fuller and thicker, like actor Eugene Levy.
"How far did you guys go?"
"Lets just say, I gave her a Eugene Levy"
"Thats unattractive"
by fanny22 March 29, 2010
1 Word related to Eugene Levy
A state of being similar to the father of Jim Levenstein (Jason Biggs) from the film series American Pie.

It is a state in which one is concerned, proud, and at the same time slightly disgusted from an act done by a friend.
Buddy: I got so lucky last night.
Friend: Oh yeah, you hooked up with that one girl you just met.
Buddy: Yeah dude, I dug into her all night. Think she woke some people up!
Friend: I feel a bit Eugene Levy right now....
by Lando Prescock January 02, 2012

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