the division of the New School University that extolls the virtues of procrastination and whining; classes include Feminist Geography and the Gentrification of Zimbabwe

see "Langer"
1) Did you do your homework?
2) No, I go to Eugene Lang.
by Chaseface April 23, 2005
Top Definition
A school located in New York that focuses on liberal arts.

To go to this school you must:
- Smoke
- Whine about politics without doing anything
- Know at least one hipster
- be able to use the word 'gentrification' in a sentence
- try to look different, ie look like everyone else at the school
- be pathetically PC
- be liberal
- extra points if you're gay

see also liberal arts, New York, intelligent slackers
Eugene Lang is a great school, but is nothing like the real world.
by CigaretteGirl May 03, 2005
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