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Etobicoke School of the Arts is a high school which specializes in the arts. To become a student of this fine establishment, one must audition into one of the six art majors (visual art, drama, dance, music theatre, instrumental, and film) and if you are a hater, that means you are jealous because you can't get in.
person#1: What high school are you going to?

person#2: I'm planning on auditioning to go to Etobicoke School of the Arts for visual arts. I heard that it is very high caliber and only those who possess real talent in the arts get accepted.

person#1: Cool! That school sounds super-mega-foxy-awesome-hot!
by ESA art student December 28, 2010
Possibly the biggest druggie school you will ever hear of in your life
guy 1: yo man did you go to Etobicoke School of the Arts today?
guy 2: yeahyeah i got like ten Gs of Mary Jane
by D. Flab. September 23, 2009
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