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A UK social clique. Wore dreadlocks at uni but then got rid of them for their job in Ethical Investment (the ambitious ones) / Yoga Therapy (the bums).
All went to public school. Bryanston / Bedales are main feeders.
Easily identified by their dream catcher earrings,suede Inuit boots, Goa suntan and self-aware serenity when they tell you their self-purifying Bhakti Yoga seminar they attended.
When they were in London's Cuckoo Club trying to pull Nat Rothschild the night before.
Their main trick is to present a veneer of muesli-wholesome, down-to-earth karma, when in fact they're a socially ambitious, manipulative and back-biting lot.
All LOVE psychadelic trance, and congregate at the UK's Glade festival every year, bringing an extra tent to house their assorted outfits for the weekend.
Person 1 - India is having her leaving party before she goes to Goa in Shoreditch House (exclusive London member's club)

Person 2 - What an Ethno Rah
by lyrical chimp April 04, 2009
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