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a sexy beast who can make people cum by making eye contact with them.
1-"Look at that Ethan Mitchell over there!"
2-"I think I creamed my pants."
1-"It's okay I came twice."
by YourFriendsMom69 October 05, 2010
A heroic former(?) dope fiend with blondish hair of various lengths who lunges about in the north kentville area of kajackastan sometimes a carrying a large knife. This has sometimes caused him to be also named the king of norway, and a thrower of cabbage. (usually well aimed). Spends his days searching for sea manatees and wilderbeasts to slaughter opps i mean laughter. Has a distain for hygiene and proudly states that he has never once washed his hair. However he magically smells great regardless.
anthony:look at that sexy ethan mitchell with the enormous blood stained knife!

margo:he smells so good!

anthony:those sea manatees and wilderbeasts better watch out!

margo:can we patent that smell?
by psychomary June 13, 2011
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