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a small hamlet found in the northeast part of tennessee. Is known for the its large population of toothless people. Common clothing is overalls with one strap undone and dangling on the persons back side. Population is known to be inbred with most townsfolk related to each other because of family likeness. Education background reflects that most townsfolks do not get past the sixth grade. Common job is coal miner for male and for females a job as a fast food waitress with daisy duke shorts on at the local eatery. Or attached to the government tit for welfare the rest of their lives Most townsfolk aspire to be brain surgeons or double knot spies like the Beverly Hillbillies.
Let's go to Erwin Tennessee where we can see how real hillbillies live. You'ns wont to go to the bear festival tonight. Howbout we get ourselves oiled up and squeal like pigs tonight. Erwin where time stands still and nobody cares.
by *Starlet the Harlet July 04, 2011
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