The beastly one. The most sexiest man alive. Not a beaner. The best.
WOW! Michelle, did you see Ernesto's dick!
by ErnestoShaker January 24, 2009
Top Definition
a ninja assassin who uses stealth and speed techniques to evade, outsmart and gain advantage over his opponent.
Be careful! He's an ernesto!
by quickness October 01, 2007
The Ernesto is the act of fucking a chick with a condom on, and then at the last minute, right before you come, without warning, pulling the condom off. The goal is to cum all over the girl and make as big a mess as is possible, much to her surprise. It is not an Ernesto unless it is an unwanted surprise for the girl. It makes little sense and is completely inconsiderate, which make the thoughtless act quite entertaining. It is so named after being pioneered by an Italian man named Ernesto.
"dude, I was about to cum and I figured "fuck it, I don't even like this chick", so I had to Ernesto her at the last minute"
by the nesto November 06, 2007
A sexy latino guy that has a huge penis and is a hit with the ladies.
OMG did you see that sexy guy.... I think his name's Ernesto...damn I heard he has a huge penis...
by Nopeman October 30, 2014
A pseudo scocial activist with a weak sense of humor. Ernestos are usually young, white, poorly groomed and they are always dull at parties.
"If those Ernestos turn off the music and start playing their bongos again I´m going to cry real tears."
by Propmaster July 15, 2009
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