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Possibly one of the sexiest girls on the face of the earth. They are so much fun to be around, But, a downside is that they are too fine for you. Usually not skanks or hoes have tons of friends and are in middle class families. Has friends that will destroy people that want to harm her. Gets hit on a lot by guys isn't stuck up or a bitch, although they tend to have a bitchy friend or two.
Dude, you see Erika today? Man, she was fine as hell!

Ha!she is but a girl that fine is outta your league....
by Juan Jose Mendosa January 05, 2008
Female name, German and Scandinavian origin, an alternative spelling of Erica.

Meaning: Ever queen/ever powerful
My name is spelt Erika NOT Erica
by candra910 October 07, 2006
Erika is a sweet girl with a great personality, shes just adorable! Shes always smiling and laughing and she knows how to have a great time. Erika is very easy to talk to. She loves just about everyone and shes very understanding. you would be lucky to have Erika as a friend(:
Man, I wanna be friends with that Erika chick!
by Hopee. July 11, 2010
One who is naturally equited with the tools and machinary to pull off a succesful and satisfactory rape of an unsuspecting victim. Those who get raped by an Erika usually end up savoring every last minute of it.
"That rape was so good, it must of been an Erika."
by ieatfuz January 12, 2008
queen, a most high beautiful woman, none like her, a queen that stands out among all others smart, intelligent talented
dang that's an erika, a girl like no other girl
by Jesus '' Chuy'' April 15, 2007
One of the sweetest people you will ever meet. Erikas are pretty both inside and out, and always know how to have fun. She probably has the most friends of anyone you know, is extremely smart, and has a big heart.
Do you know Erika? Well you need to go meet her!
by banana675346543 September 06, 2010
the hottest girl possibly ever with a great personality and a amazing body other girls just cant compare an she is usually form a rich family but dose not try to flaunt her money even thought she could if she wanted to she likes a good party though and is pretty crazy but, even crazier friends that would tear apart anyone apart for her.
dan: holey crap "erika" is so pretty i want to date her!:)
michel: good luck dude shes way too hot
dan: no i think "erika" would like me though
michel: alright "erika is really nice so maby

dan: got to go thats "erika"
by mehhbitchishere February 06, 2011
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