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Crazy ass BAMF in more simple words. Also known as erica "the fiddle" lubitz, is essentially the bomb dot com. This biatch knows how to rock the Pony, and is always lookin fly in her haute outfits... Her unbiological twin is also known as Nathan Peyer
Erica Lubitz: *wikipedia-ing it*
Erica: its going to be bull though
Nathan: hahaahhahahahah LMAO
Erica: its going to be like
Nathan: i know and thats why im LMAO
Nathan: fuck wikipedia
Erica: lady sovereign is a russian transvestite czar
Nathan: hahahahahahaha
Erica: lady sovereign is a geisha
Nathan: lmao
Erica: lady sovereign is nathan peyer. whaaaat?!\
Nathan: I <3 u
by n_joelpeyer November 23, 2006
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