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An amazing anime based off of Renee Descartes quote "cogito ergo sum" Translated it means "Because I think, therefore I am". It has an amazing storyline, intrigueing characters, and an awing visual experiance. It also makes refeences to philosphy and famous art pieces (Michaelangelo's moon and sun statues and the painting Ophelia). This anime banishes the common phrase "anime is only for children" and even more common "anime is only for perverts" If you like adult, inteligent anime, or just good TV. Watch Ergo Proxy.
Characters of Ergo Proxy: Real Mayar {also Re-L depending on translation (Lil is a fansub mistake)} a detective who while solving several mysterius murders comes across a horrific creature called a proxy
Vincent Law: Protagonist, is suspected by the goverment of the city
Pino: a auto lave (robot) that gets infected with the cogito virus, a virus that causes auto lave's to develop feelings and human personalities
#ergo #proxy #anime #descartes #real mayar #re-l #pino #vincent law #michaelangelo #ophelia
by artgeek707 October 03, 2007
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