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1. Erb's Palsy (Erb-Duchenne Palsy, Brachial plexus paralysis) is a condition which, mainly due to birth trauma, can affect 1 or all of the 5 primary nerves that supply the movement and feeling to an arm. The palsy can recover fully without intervention, which mostly means surgery.

2. Nervous habit, normally in the form of twitching or uncontrollable shaking, occurring during the exessive consumption (or extended withdrawl) of cannabis.
1. Man, I ain't smoked in three days, I got that Erb's Palsy.

2. Man, I'm so high, I must got that Erb's Palsy.

3. You twitchin' so much from that Erb's Palsy, you dropped the bong!

4. Sorry, the doctor dropped your baby and it developed Erb's Palsy.

5. April 20th is Erb's Palsy Awareness Day.
by Chris and Matt November 28, 2007

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