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babidi is fuckin stupid
yea hes a retard e-pox is sum lame shit he made up look up marvello a much better word i came up wit
by russiandude July 26, 2003
To smoke... To have a gathering of friends and smoke some weed...
"wheres the Epox at?"... Wanna Epox?
by aLwAyS TrustEd February 13, 2005
A malicious virus that is spread by e-mail through Microsoft outlook. Symptoms include that of chickenpox. (I.E. red itchy marks that appears on your PC) Can be cured by dunking your computer in a hot oatmeal solution.
The e-mail said it was a picture of Anna Kournikova nekked but it lied and gave me E-pox.
by Babidi February 19, 2003