The episode of star wars that will never be aired.
by waffle September 30, 2003
Top Definition
The third episode. DUR!
Didjall see Episode 3 of Eve? It was off the heezy fo sheezy!
by Mikaela Wright October 04, 2003
Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the sith
-Excellent way for the Star Wars series to end.
-Also the name of the video game.
-Good stuff.
Dude: "These bastards need to update their definitions, they defined it before episode 3 even came out!"

Other Dude: "No shit, eh?"

Dude: "Eh"
by corey sutherland September 29, 2005
1: Episode of Half-Life that will never be real
2: A movie (also refferred to as RoTS) with best effects of the entire saga which fans consider shitty even tho it has removed Jar Jar
Pc Gamers: We want Episode 3
Gaben: Eh...

SW fan: Episode 3 was so shitty!
Good SW fan: It had at least good effects and no Jar Jar
by idksogtfo July 04, 2015
1: Movies (moo-vies); The third in a series of movies each linked by plot elements to the next, usually referred to as the "shittiest" sequel.

2: Cartoons (kar-toonz); The third successive episode of a season of a given cartoon is referred to as Episode 3, season X. Typically, this will be the last good episode in a cartoon, except in the case of the Simpsons, in which case it will be the first of many. (Note: After Season 3, the Simpsons no longer made any good episodes at all.)
Episode 3 of season 9 the Simpsons rocked so hard, dude!!eleven
by Guildenstern September 30, 2003
1.The final nail in the coffin of the terrible prequel to Star Wars.

2. To ruin a perfectly good trilogy with a special-effects, bluescreen-ridden, horrible cast selection prequel.
by J Man October 03, 2003
1. Typically the worst book, movie, or what-have-you in a series.

2. Half of the 6 episode life span of most new sitcoms each season.
"The third episode of Star Wars was by far the worst"

"That new sitcom on NBC was cancelled after only 6 episodes!"
by October 04, 2003
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