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An Epark Sin is a Sin that is known to every religion(Including Islam!). These Sins are so Bad and evil that they have been given the name Epark Sin to show there evilness is of a Epark pruportion.

Epark Sins cannot be forgiven....Only Fixed.

Some Examples of an Epark Sin are:

Believing Woman are equal to men*

Being a Muslim who Supports Manchester United*

Not Believing that the Beatles are the best band on the planet....Even Better than SlAYER!*

Listning to Bring me The Horizon*

Being Emo*

Epark Sins....=Very Bad things
Mark Did you see Brazy Listning to Bring me the Horizon at lunch?

ShaneYeh...I think he was doing it on perpose..?:/

....Chuck Norris Epark Sin! Destroy Thee!

by Candle Frost July 10, 2009
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