A combination of Enzina & Enzo.

The cutest, sweetest, most honest girl with the curviest booty you will ever meet. Fun, crazy, loud, dramatic, and beautiful-all characteristics of your typical italian girl! Passionate yet reserved. Lights up a room with her smile. Very considerate and always puts friends first. Comfortable in her own skin. The best girlfriend you could ever ask for. All mom's love her!
Damn! Did you see Enza's teeth-they are soo white. Its like she's got hi-beam headlights in her mouth!
by vivi02 February 04, 2010
Top Definition
Is a word used when you feel hyped up about something e.g a night out. OR it can mean getting a little bit excited sexually ;) Enza,Hyper,Excited,Sexually,Buzzing
I'm gettin that Enza feeling!
by @wilkins33 twitter July 13, 2010
Enza is a person who truly loves. Esp, guys with the name Bryan. She automatically falls hard for him. It really is meant to be.
Enza will love Bryan forever!
by 41110 April 02, 2011
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