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The state of mind of eco-terrorists who believe that deconstruction of all advanced civilization will return us to the fantasy paradise they dream about while tripping on shrooms. They often avoid cognitive dissonance of their hypocrisies by doing various mixtures of drugs through a progressively stronger regimen of hallucinogens. You'll notice they still drive vans that burn gasoline, they still use electrical appliances powered by coal-fired power plants, they still go to the doctors who are wholly dependent on the technological system, they use all the perks and enjoy them while advocating their removal. They are environmentally retarded.
Jaysus mary of Joseph, did you see that little twat chaining himself to the tree? He made not one article of clothing on his stupid weak back, but he yammers on in a daze. The poor sap's environmentally retarded.
by manbearpig_1985 July 09, 2009
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