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slang for end up, ended up, wound up.
I ent up doin' 10 days in county after my DUI.
by TucTownsD$ September 23, 2009
69 223
Isn't. Mainly used in Worcester and surrounding areas, this word can substitute for isn't, aren't and wasn't or I am not.
1. There ent no more left! (There aren't any more left)

2. Ent it? (Isn't it?)

3. I ent gonna do that. (I wasnt/ I am not going to do that.)
by Ribs August 09, 2006
108 280
Ent: Noun
to shit an ent: when your shit is to big to fit the description of 'a log' it becomes an 'ent'
1.'Dude i shat an ent yesterday'
2.'Wow that is some log of a turd'
'Nah dude that is an ent'
by Kye Hatton November 05, 2008
64 237
Another word for ain't, people who use this must be quite dumb, or maybe they're just too lazy to type ain't.
Also for people who talk very slang.
Fiona: Will you do something for me?
Nicola: Nah, sorry I ent got no time.
by xdfhsfghj July 31, 2006
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