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An Ensign Ricky is a character in a movie or television show that goes into battle alongside the main characters. He is either the first person to die, or fights valliantly and is shot down in his prime. Either way, an Ensign Ricky is always killed. To point out an Ensign Ricky, usually the main character(s) will stand right next to him, and you'll be like "who the heck is that guy?" THAT guy is Ricky. This class of character first began in the hit tv series, Star Trek, where one man played the role of Ensign Ricky. There are 3 or 4 specific episodes where one can slow down the frame speed and see his face and realize that Ensign Ricky was the Kenny (from southpark) of the Star Trek "The Next Generation" series.
"Who the F*** is that guy and why is he getting all this attention over Brad Pitt. OH!!! He must be an Ensign Ricky... oh, yep, just died..."
by Ensign Hynson February 14, 2006
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