Enjoi: A great hacker of the web, and an amazing guy.
Enjoi is a hacker
by Enjoi October 05, 2003
Top Definition
A really awesome skateboard company, sponsors freestyle legend Rodney Mullen. Their mascot is a Panda, drawn in their unique way, one of my favorite skate companies.
Me: I got a white panda deck for my Birthday
Friend: That's pretty sweet man, I cracked my (Element)fiberlight today.
Me: That sucks
by It wont let me pick my name August 18, 2005
Verb: The act by which one thoroughly engrosses oneself in their current actions with the intent of complete satisfaction and "enjoiment."
If everyone could stop stressing so much and just enjoi life, enjoi friends, and enjoi family.
by David Michael Malloy July 18, 2006
The way pandas spell the word "enjoy". It is not known why pandas choose to spell this particular word incorrectly, but it is often concluded that it is simply because pandas are assholes.
Panda 1: Hey steve, thanks for the weed

Panda 2: Yeah no problem man i hope you enjoi
by 'your pseudonym' December 04, 2012
v: to serisouly love something
I hope that you enjoi my definition
by nanner December 03, 2004
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