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A sexual maneuver.

First, very hot (preferably boiling) water is placed in a partner's mouth. The partner must be laying flat on a surface. The partner then keeps his or her mouth open while the second person, a man, dips his "teabags" into the mouth of the partner, as if steeping a cup of tea. The "teabags" are left in the mouth for a few minutes, depending on how much tea flavouring is preferred. Once the desired amount of steeping is reached, the partner then swallows the water. Sugar, honey, lemon or anything one likes added to their tea should be added before swallowing but after the steeping process.
Person 1: Hey, would you mind taking me to the hospital?
Person 2: Sure. Are you okay?
Person 1: Oh, I scalded my scrotum because Jenny and I were having English Tea Time.
Person 2: That sounds painful. Is Jenny okay?
Person 1: She can't really talk because her mouth is burnt. But she liked the tea.
by The Shwastitute July 07, 2013

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