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The most fantastic girl you will ever meet. Encendre's are outgoing, very kind, and very strong in character. If you ever meet an Encendre, you are a lucky person.
Hey, who's that girl, she's awesome!
I know, that's Encendre.
by Mastermindnine February 06, 2010
French word meaning "To ignite"
English: to ignite
French: Encendre
by FrenchoidCoolAid February 06, 2010
Encendre's are rare amazing people, they have many ticks, but always put their friends before all else, if you have the luck to meet an Encendre in your lifetime, you can be sure she's going to stay in your mind until the day you die, she's going to be there when you need her as long as you're there for her, although Encendre's are a hard type of person to keep track of, and lots of times they will get into drugs, if you meet an Encendre you need to keep a good eye on her, Encendres are also really outgoing and colorful, like their name they are all different like each fire.

Encendre is the french word for fire, or to ignite.
1- "Who was that girl?"
2- "Oh her, she's Encendre"
1- "Wow..."
2- "I know right?"
by Chibi_Hex August 24, 2010
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