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One of the most popular groups of the 90's decade.An all AfricanAmerican Woman Quartet (Terry Ellis, Maxine Jones, Dawn Robinson, Cindy Herron-Braggs) that became very popular with hits such as My Lovin' (Never gonna get it), Free Your Mind, Don't Let Go (Love), Giving Him Something He Can Feel, and Whatever. Basically the reason why all girl groups started up in the mid 90's, and also inspiration for group such as Destiny's Child, SWV, Brownstone, 702, TLC and more.
En Vogue was so tight in the 90's; Did you hear Dont Let Go in the movie Set It Off by En Vogue?; En Vogue rocks.
by LyRyia July 12, 2005
An R&B/Soul girl group that attained success in the 1990's. They had class.
Destiny's who? En Vogue Baby!
by xEeyorex April 03, 2008
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