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molly is gross and ugly and goes out with every guy she sees
molly- hey whats your name
boy-im boy
molly- hey boy wanna go out with me?
boy- sure
2 weeks later molly find a differt boy
molly- maybe we should break up im cheating on you anyways
by DIOHFSDF May 01, 2005

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A person who becomes emo just to get laid.
Guy- "Dude, that girl is a emowhore."
Guy2- "Yea I heard she pretends to be emo to get laid!"
by MedicineCow July 07, 2006
1.One who loves to whore the emo music.
2.A pussy who listens to EMO music and is proud of it.
3.One who performs sexual acts on others while listening to EMO.
1.Oh my gosh, I think I'm having an orgasm to THURSDAY.
2.I listen to Dashboard, Yellowcard and Jimmy Eat world! Fuck I'm cool!
3."Yeah yesterday night, I banged my girlfriend to Dashboard confessional after my previous girlfriend dumped me."
by Lyss December 30, 2004