Somebody who, when in a conversation, repeatedly uses emoticons to express their thoughts and feelings. Rather than take the time to create a thought out response they use a series of emotions that leave you with absolutely no way to respond.
John - "Hey Shirley!"
Shirley - " :) "
John - " ..what's up?"
Shirley - " :\ "
John - "Wow, you're such an emoti-whore."
by WannaBeWebster February 29, 2012
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Someone who uses emoticons in every sentence they write.
Bobby: Hey, Jamie.
Jamie: Oh hai! XDDD What's up? :D
Bobby: Uh, nothing much.. what are you so damn happy about?
Jamie: Nothing. XDD I'm just talking to you. XDDD So what have you been up to? :)
Bobby: ..emotiwhore.

-Bobby has signed out-
by AnonymousFriendOMG March 01, 2009

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