A girl who thinks she is dating a man with boyfriend potential only to find out all of her hard work is only prepping him for a another woman, whom he wil actually commit to.
I thought we were going to start dating exclusicely, until he stopped calling and made it official with another woman. I was an emotional fluffer.
by flowergrl May 23, 2010
Top Definition
Similar to friends with emotional benefits. More commonly a boyfriend/girlfriend without the rewards. Typically a guy/girl friend used for the emotional benefit out of a relationship, while the physical benefit is being taken care of by another guy/girl one has no emotional connection to.
Nick: I'm your emotional fluffer; I'm there whenever you need a guy. You want a cup of tea, I'll make it, you lose your phone, I'll call it.
Jess: You're my friend! That's what friends do.
Nick: I'm your boyfriend without the rewards.
by spjwhisperer October 11, 2012
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