the phraze used to describe the recent emo movement in america. Emo-lution is personified by individual males wearing female pants, and write sappy song about their girlfriend dumping them. These songs are ten sung by another or the sme malein a whiney high-pitched voice with detuned guitars and un-rythmic durms.
Sean has joined the Emoluton
by Alaster fucking adams February 25, 2004
Top Definition
evolution of emo's
when jack and max went to downtown,they realised that the Emolution has affected a big part of the teenagers.
by Crabman =] July 10, 2008
A word to define the recent overpopulation of emo kids. Emo plus Pollution, hence, Emolution. Use of this word generally signifies a great dislike (or jealousy) of the emo population.
"Ugh, I almost can't see through the Emolution - it's worse than the LA smog."

"Johnny, what type of pollution do you think is worst?"
"Water pollution."
"Air pollution."
by DollfaceSodapop April 18, 2006
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