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A person or group of people who is against the emo way of life.
A person is considered emo by others and is penalized by (an) Emoist(s) for it.
by Chase McGraw August 16, 2007
someone who tries to be 'emo'.

they act depressed to get attention and friends.

annoying people who don't get along with others well.
"don't be such an emoist. Nobody cares"
by Chelsica June 29, 2006
people who are against emos
people who follow emoism
"you should go die you emo! the world doesnt want you here!"
this person is being a emoist
by Candii___x June 09, 2006
A person who hates emos and thinks that there life is all about death and wearing black and they have nothing to do
Person1: Emokid do you want me to push you over the cliff
Person2: No shut up
Person3: dont worry about him hes just a Emoist! SCUM!!!
by Billza February 14, 2008
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