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a retarded child in special education that tries to be emo to fit in.
signs of the syndrome are:
1) cuts on wrist
2) wears black clothing
3) constantly wears clothing with my chemical romance on it or skulls or anything bloody or dark.
4) thinks they are a ninja
5) most of the time an EmoSped will have pretty damn bad ADD
beware, these people are clingy, desperate for attention, and in many cases bi curious.
if you see one of these i highly advise to steer clear and don't make direct eye contact, they will think you want to be friends with them.
EmoSpeds are ian, charlie, jordan, krazy kyle, or mexiguel.
by blackblade May 13, 2007
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a person who trys to act cool while being emo
hey there miguel you look like your going to cut yourself while listening to MCR and playing the banjo like an emo sped
by vinny murro May 13, 2007
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